What is actually going on?

As per usual, it’s been an eternity since I posted on here. If you keep up with my YouTube channel, you’ll have heard from me ~more~ recently, but it’s still a good couple of months since I posted. If you do follow me on YouTube, you’re probably confused because I spent my last video spouting on about how I was finally settling back into a routine after being on the move for months and this meant I’d be getting round to posting loads of regular content about my travels: cue radio silence for 2+ months.

Well, here I am. Let me explain a little of what’s been going on – more to get it off my own chest than because I believe anyone is genuinely interested in why I dropped off the internet for all that time.

Melbourne street art

So, if you’re not aware, I’ve settled in Melbourne for a few months after travelling around Asia. My last YouTube video explained that me & Michael were settling into our new flat share, he was employed and I was hoping to find work soon. Ahhh, everything was on track, right? Wrong. A week or so later, I was starting to get distressed at the amount of rejections I was getting from job applications and CV handouts, Michael had quit his job because it was causing him painful amounts of stress and we were seriously considering packing up and heading home. Everything about the UK was appealing to us; familiar faces, country walks, Gregg’s sausage rolls.

We handed in notice on our flat share, with the full intention of booking a flight back to the UK, but… our contract dictated that we paid for one final month, so, whilst we had to stick around for those 4 weeks anyway – we asked, should we give Australia one last chance? Honestly, about 2 days later Michael had another job, one he actually enjoyed. Cue eye rolls from me as I sat around, unemployed, panicking that I was going to run out of money.

Definitely needed a job to fund the ice cream addiction…

Getting a job here was hard, really hard. I know it’s very dependent on the time of year you arrive amongst other factors, but seriously, I was not expecting it to be that difficult. Combine the huge amount of travellers with the limited number of employers willing to accept working visas and you have a cocktail for disappointment. But, jobs, apparently, are like buses, you can spend 2 months waiting for one to arrive (maybe you should just cycle), and then they all show up at once. Well, not all of them, but two. Two showed up at once. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I was having to choose whether to work in hospitality or an office. Spoiler: I chose the office. I went for the regular hours and free evenings. I’m so grateful to have got the job I have – office jobs are not easy to come by on a working visa, and I certainly wouldn’t have got it without my wonderful Auntie putting in a good word for me at the Australian branch of the company she works for. What a legend.

Now, both me & Michael had jobs – WOW. We then had the pressing problem of needing to find another place to live, having handed in notice on our flat share (…are you beginning to see why I wasn’t getting round to editing videos?). Luckily, we managed to find a cute studio flat just minutes from my bus stop to work – perfect, some might say. After two weeks living in a hostel whilst we were between flats, we moved in to our very own place. AMAZING, I had a job, a gym membership and a flat. I couldn’t want for anything more… maybe now I could start writing blogposts and editing videos again, right?! Wrong. Someone, whilst I was working, stole my MacBook (and my truly terrible, curry stained, bluetooth headphones – enjoy those, thief) right out of the apartment.

And so now, here I am, on a library computer, telling you this sorry tale. Wow, this is turning into a long blogpost, time to wrap it up. So, I’ve got it off my chest, the struggles of regular uploading when life has a habit of getting in the way. This isn’t a woe is me story of how hard everything is for me as I’m off seeing the world, but rather a reminder that all the stresses of life are still there (and often amplified), even when you’re meant to be having the time of your life.

So that’s where I’m at. Now I am actually settled, I’ll plug away at editing all my travel videos when I can make it to the library – after all, I need to be able to look back on them in years to come! But it sure is more inconvenient when you don’t have a laptop to hand.

After all of those fiascos, life in Melbourne is now looking brighter… but I do still crave a Gregg’s sausage roll.



  1. April 27, 2019 / 2:07 pm

    So sorry to hear about your Mac being stolen – that must be devastating! Glad you’re settled and things are looking up for you!

  2. May 10, 2019 / 12:46 pm

    Really sorry to hear about your Mac, but I’m glad you’re more settled in Melbourne now! xx

  3. June 26, 2019 / 8:24 am

    Wonderful to spend time with you in Melbourne and to hear all about your adventures in South East Asia! How fab to have our own personal guide to show us around the city and sights! We really enjoyed the amazing vegan flavours at Transformer in Fitzroy too!
    Live, laugh, love XX

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