RECIPE | Marshmallow Crispy Treats

Hello and welcome to the simplest recipe of all time. But, I mean, I think we can all agree in our non-vegan days we just loved Square’s bars (this is 100% accurate 100% of the time according to my extensive market research of 2 whole vegans, myself being one and Michael being the other). So I’m here to recreate those crunchy, chewy, morsels of goodness, cruelty-free style. Michael has even requested his next birthday cake to be made entirely of marshmallow crispies.

30g dairy-free spread
220g vegan marshmallows (I like these)
110g puffed rice cereal

40g mini vegan marshmallows

1. Melt together – either gently on a hob, or at short intervals in a microwave, stirring often – your spread and your marshmallows. After a minute or two you will be left with a glossy marshmallow blob.
2. Into your gooey marshmallow mess, add your cereal and stir!
3. Once you’ve managed to evenly coat all of your puffed rice, scrape the mixture into a lined rectangular tin and press down.
4. Sprinkle your mini marshmallows across the surface and gently press down so they stick to the top of your crispies!
5. Once cooled completely, remove from the tin and cut into eight rectangles. ENJOY!


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