REVIEW | The Peacock, Nottingham

A few months ago, when I was moving from Newcastle down to Lincolnshire, there was one main worry in my mind – “but, what will I do without The Ship Inn?!”. Well don’t you worry your little socks off because Nottingham came to the rescue and offered me The Peacock, another pub with a completely vegan menu.

Located right in the centre of Notts (on Mansfield Road) it is the ideal place to head to to refuel after a morning shop. Inside and out this place oozes classic pubby character (yeah, because it’s a PUB Maisie, what else do you expect?). I love the large portraits that adorn the walls and the chandeliers hanging over head, it feels very much a traditional Victorian public house.

Averting our eyes from that glorious portrait above the fireplace that looks kinda like Jeremy Corbyn, we can begin to peruse the menu. And what a brilliant menu it is. With light bites, burgers, sandwiches, main meals and desserts, you’re guaranteed to find something you fancy. Once you’ve conquered the incredibly hard task of deciding which delicious dish to try, you just pop up to the bar to place your order.

I’d love to say I had sampled a load of dishes, but I’ll be honest and tell you I’m an absolute sucker for tofish ‘n’ chips and have ordered it on 100% of the occasions I’ve been to The Peacock – although I do have my eye on the seitan bbq ribs for next time! Luckily, my family have sacrificed the glory that is that soft tofu surrounded by crunchy golden batter and tried other items on the menu, so I’m able to tell you on good authority that the burgers, sandwiches & pies are of an equally delicious standard.

You won’t be leaving feeling hungry – the portion sizes are all epic and the chips that come on the side are the uber filling, chunky, homemade kind. Prices are very reasonable – you certainly won’t feel short changed what with the amount of food you get! This is the perfect place to stop by if you’re craving traditional pub grub or even just a pint.

Does Nottingham have any other vegan gems I need to try?! Let me know!


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