I scream for ice cream | Cookies & Scream London

Shakes are like, a thing at the moment, aren’t they? You can barely scroll for pictures of dairy laden jars of goop piled high with treats jumping out of your screen. Well fear not, if you find yourself in London, you can pop along to Cookies & Scream and get in on the shakey action cruelty-free style.

I’ve been dying to try this place for ages after stumbling across them on instagram and drooling over their doughnuts, cookie sandwiches and milkshakes. Finally, there I was in Camden Town, ready to realise my dream.

I initially suggested to my boyfriend that we share one, this was met with a look of disdain and no further discussion. We didn’t share.

We ordered two cookie sandwiches and two zombie shakes. I know what you’re thinking – “wow, I wish I had the discipline to stick to such an amazingly healthy whole foods diet like Maisie”, well don’t worry, I’m here to inspire you. A “zombie” shake allows you to combine any two flavours into one creamy, sugary, cup of goodness for £4.50. I went for cookie dough and salted caramel.

Now, you might think given that these shakes are dairy free and not topped with the piles of cream and sweets that other freakshakes might present you with, that they’d be slightly easier to consume. You’d be wrong.

I had about half my cookie sandwich and three sips of shake before I felt like I was going to implode from a refined sugar overdose. Cookies & Scream have mastered indulgence. Their treats are not for the faint hearted, but one trip will satisfy all of your milkshake cravings.

You can find Cookies & Scream downstairs inside the market hall at Camden Lock Market and at 130 Holloway Road. Everything they serve is vegan and gluten free. You might want to share…


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