Is this the best vegan breakfast EVER?! | The Caffeine Drip Edinburgh

Let me paint you a picture; here I am, relaxing with my boyfriend, chatting, watching some t.v, when he lets out a wistful sigh.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Ugh, I just miss my breakfast,” he replies.

Yes, that’s right. He misses a breakfast.

“I just don’t think I’ll ever eat anything as tasty again. If I could only eat that breakfast for the rest of my life, I would be happy.”

You get the picture. He’s obsessed. He’s probably reading this post right now just so he can drool over the pictures of that meal and ache with nostalgia.

So, let me introduce you to The Caffeine Drip, located at 10 Melville Place, a short walk from Waverley Station in Edinburgh city centre. The cafe is quirky and rustic inside, with striped wooden walls and colourful stools, it’s the perfect place for a chilled morning. Though not a vegan cafe, The Caffeine Drip, a “South African Cafe and Bakery”, offer brilliant breakfast options for us plant-eaters. As a vegan it can be difficult to find good quality and well thought out cooked breakfast options out and about, but this place has got you covered with a “Create your own vegan breakfast” and even vegan french toast!

The “create your own” breakfast includes two “scramble” options – tofu and chickpea – two toast options (one being gluten free) and an excellent number of additions including haggis, avocado and even fried banana.

Both of us ordered delicious fruit smoothies to start. As a french toast super-fan pre-vegan, there was only one choice for me! Michael opted to create his own, choosing chickpea scramble with avocado, mushrooms, vegan haggis and sweet chilli jam. I ordered haggis with my french toast as well – but unfortunately there was only one portion left, and being the stellar girlfriend I am, I sacrificed it for Michael and ordered roasted tomatoes and mushrooms instead.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered – we enjoyed our breakfasts. The savoury french toast was crisp & light, the perfect antidote to any eggy-bread cravings. Admittedly, whilst the roasted tomatoes looked rather pretty on my plate and were delightfully sweet and juicy, I would have preferred the haggis, but not to worry – I stole plenty of Michael’s.

Michael’s plate came piled high with 2 rounds of thick cut toast and a generous portion of chickpea scramble. I am just dying to know how they make that scramble; savoury, smooth & creamy, it was the perfect breakfast food. Paired with the spicy haggis and cool avocado, it was a meal from the gods. The chickpea scramble was so tasty, that in future I think I’d be cheeky and request it as a side with my french toast (which I’m not willing to sacrifice).

Our bill wasn’t cheap, but considering we lavished on the sides and also ordered smoothies, it certainly wasn’t unreasonable. On the way out I spied a counter adorned with plenty of vegan friendly traybakes and flapjacks, but with Michael groaning that his perfect breakfast had spoiled him for all other foods for the rest of eternity, I had to leave them until my next visit! And needless to say, we’ll definitely be back.



  1. October 20, 2016 / 7:41 am

    The food looks delicious. I’ll keep this cafe in mind for next week, when I’m in Edinburgh.

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