YO! Sushi

As a non-vegan I absolutely loved Yo Sushi, but since moving to vegetarianism and then veganism, I have rarely been – because sushi is all about the fish, right?! That is until this past month in which my obsession has been reignited with ferocity.

Newcastle city centre just got a new Yo Sushi restaurant which is bigger than any that they’ve had here before, meaning they’ve implemented their full menu – the one in the metro centre, for example, misses off some of the best vegan options from their selection. So that’s exciting in itself, but EVEN BETTER, you can get whatever Japanese treats your heart desires delivered straight to your door with Deliveroo! IDEAL.

Yo Sushi is excellent for vegan dishes, if you’re visiting the restaurant simply ask for the list of vegan options and they will bring you an allergen menu which highlights everything that’s completely free of animal products. Or, if you’re getting a Deliveroo, you can check out which of their foods are vegan on their website, here.

You can order an absolute FEAST.

I’m fairly certain that 100% of the times I have visited Yo Sushi in my lifetime I have ordered a Katsu curry, this has not changed as a vegan because TOFU KATSU CURRY, voted Peta UK’s best vegan curry, it is my absolute favourite because you just cannot go wrong with crispy deep fried goodness and sticky rice.

TOP TIPS: I have 2 useful nuggets of information, firstly, if you order the crispy vegetable gyoza (and I would recommend doing so, they are yummy), do not be alarmed when you bite into it – both me & my boyfriend had a panicky moment thinking we were eating meat. If you actually read the description of the dish before ordering (unlike us), you will know that the dumplings contains little nuggets of soya protein and are of course, completely vegan.

img_2993Secondly, if you are a sushi fan, it can seem a bit disappointing that the only vegan sushi roll is the cucumber one, however, ask for the avocado rolls without mayonnaise and the staff will be more than happy to oblige!

I would like to recommend my top dishes to you, but basically just order EVERYTHING THAT IS VEGAN BECAUSE IT IS ALL DELICIOUS! The harusame aubergine, the yasai yakisoba, the pumpkin katsu, the inari sushi, the miso soup… yep, just everything.

I’ve made myself hungry, so on that note, I will bid you さようなら xo

Find Newc’s new Yo! at 139-141 Grainger Street.


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