INSPIRATION: my favourite instas

Okay, so, I am a bit obsessed with instagram (who isn’t?!). It is my go-to for travel, food & exercise motivation, and, well, just because everyone loves to look at a pretty picture. These are my favourite instagram pages to stalk and get seriously envious over. Who are your favourite instagrammers?

Sjana Elise
Be prepared for serious lifestyle envy if you follow this girl. She’s beautiful, impossibly bendy and seems to spend 95% of her life on holiday – or, as she calls it “work”… yes, she’s a “photojournalist” and essentially gets paid to go on holiday to beautiful and exotic places. Perfect for yoga and travel inspiration.


Bonny Rebecca
One of my favourite YouTubers, Bonny’s food photography always makes me hungry and oh, how I wish I lived in Australia. One thing I love about Bonny is that she consistently speaks up for the animals and encourages her followers to #GOVEGAN. Perfect for reminding you to CARB UP.


Elle Fit
Reminding me of the importance of stretching and taking time each day to just enjoy breathing and moving my body. Perfect for encouraging you to get on your mat, even if you’re busy.


Naturally Stefanie
I developed a bit of an obsession with Naturally Stefanie (Michael thinks I’m legit in love with her), I think it might be to do with the fact that she’s Scottish in a world full of Australian vegan vloggers, but whatever it is, I like to insta stalk her on a regular basis. Perfect for food inspiration and reminding you that yes, vegans can LIFT.


Banana Blondie
Basically just #yogagoals every damn day.




  1. May 23, 2016 / 9:23 pm

    This is such a cool blog post. I definitely found a few more accounts to follow through this post!!

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